The Beer Tester. Test 8. Bayerisch Nizza Wheat Pale Ale

Bayerisch Nizza Wheat Pale Ale

Hi everyone, here’s your friendly BEER TESTER once again with another exciting testing and rating. So sorry you all had to wait so long for the next beer rating.

This beer is a Wheat Pale Ale, with an alcohol content of 5.3 percent, brewed by Hanscraft & Co., in Germany.

As me not being a real wheat beer drinking fan, I can’t get very excited over this beer and it has an added zingy taste. I shouldn’t be the one to be judging this type of beer. After a couple of sips I decided to put it aside and have it with my Brotzeit, which I’m going to have shortly.

As I am the beer tester, I will rate it from my point of view: I would give this beer a 4 rating. It’s a boring beer. This is the lowest rating I have given a beer thus far.

Well, there you have it. The latest from your friendly tester. Soon, until the next tasting. Yours truly,