Who is the Beer Tester?

The Beer Tester

Glad you asked. I’m a Texan living in the Franconia region of northern Bavaria. Been here in “Beer Heaven” for several decades. I enjoy tasting brews from all over the world, but I’m mainly focused on German beers.

Did you know there are more than 1300 breweries and over 5000 different kinds of beer in Germany? Here in Franconia alone, there are more than 250 breweries and at least 1000 different kinds of regional beer.

What does this mean? It means I’m within a 2-hour drive of over 250 breweries. I need not explain why my focus is primarily on local and German beers.

My rules. My opinions.

Just to clarify the conditions of my postings: There are more than not, so many boring beers. So, I’ve decided if I can’t say anything good about a beer, I won’t take up my time or your’s in posting something negative. Mama always said:

If you can’t say nothing good, then say nothing at all.


That rule applies here.

If I can say something good I’ll post it, and I won’t hesitate to criticize the negative along with the good. If the beer is no good, then no posting. Just that simple.

No fancy frills or fancy photos on my website. Just pure, honest thoughts from an old Texas boy that’s drank many a brew.

Be patient. I’m old, our journey has just begun, so check back every now and then to see if you’ve missed something . I’m glad you’re here. I love sharing my brew tasting experiences.

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