The Beer Tester. Test 7. Bières De Saint-Louis Amarillo IPA

Saint-Louis Amarillo IPA

Here’s a big hello again to all my followers out there in beer land. I know that all have been awaiting the next beer tasting update.

This is the first beer out of France that I have ever drank in my life. It’s from Bières De Saint-Louis, has a lot of hops and is called a Pale Ale. Well that’s what the French call it, looks pretty dark to me.

Anyways it’s French, if you know what I mean.

It’s a very full flavored beer and has an alcoholic content of 5.8, which is enough. It’s a full taste and is very smooth. The wife said it’s a beer that calls for another one.

Anyways I would have to rate this one with a 7. This is only the second beer that I have rated so high thus far. That makes 2 beers that are at the top.

I will try to save the best Top 3 for you to taste the next time you visit us. So loved ones, that’s today’s report and will be sending you more in the near future. Take care,