The Beer Tester. Test 6. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Hi folks, here is your friendly beer tester again with another beer. Same brewery as in test 5.

This beer is very hopsy and has a lot of full taste in it. Similar to yesterday’s beer, but beware this has 7.2 percent. I would have to give this the same rating as yesterdays beer: 6+.

The wife liked yesterday’s better. I liked this one a tick better.

This is so exciting to experience all these beers and tastes of beers. The way I’m tasting them is, 15-minutes out of the ice box and before a meal, not with a meal.

I’m getting to like this hopsy beer. This beer is good to change to now and then.

Well there you have it, so long until my next encounter with the next beer. Take care,