The Beer Tester. Test 9. And Union Sunday Easy Pale Ale

Sunday Easy Pale Ale

Hi there folks, here is another long awaited for beer test.

This beer is brewed in Bavaria. It’s an Easy Pale Ale from And Union Modernist Bavaria Craft Beer, has 5.5% alcohol, and is brewed for a whopping 8 weeks.

This beer is good with Brotzeit. But, as a drinking beer, I’d probably have to stop after the first.

When judging the beers I’m judging, I’m thinking: “Is this an all round beer? A beer that I can sit down and enjoy a couple?”

This beer doesn’t fit that need. I’d have to rate this beer with a 5+.

It was a pleasure having it with my Brotzeit, though.

There you have the latest test. Until we meet again, keep the curiosity up.