The Beer Tester. Test 3. SteamWorks YVR ISA

SteamWorks YVR ISA

Hi everyone, here’s your expert beer analyzer with a new beer test for all my followers out there, wherever you may be.

This beer is brewed in Canada, by the SteamWorks Brewery.

It tastes like grapefruit juice. If in a hot climate, at 90 degrees this would be a great thirst quencher. I’ve had one similar in taste in Oklahoma, which I enjoyed when it was hot temperatures.

But as a whole, it’s far away from a traditional beer taste. I did enjoy the experience of the tasting, though. I would have to give this beer a 2 rating.

When I want to drink grapefruit juice, then I’ll buy grapefruit juice.

I’m looking forward to the next test, so until then, this is your happy beer analyzer. So long until the next test…